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“Party of Five Ceremony”, is what we are allowed at this point in time.

Before starting a conversation about “Party of Five Ceremonies” lets chat about wedding ceremonies. I love all ceremonies and love creating unique and varied ceremonies for each of my couples. Whether we are standing in a circle to complete the blessings, from the four winds to flying high in a hot air balloon, it comes down to sharing a moment in time with my couples. It has always been about them. “PARTY OF FIVE WEDDING CEREMONY” should not leave you feeling short-changed or ripped off. This is still YOUR WEDDING DAY and it’s a special day!


  • Only the five required for the ceremony can be in attendance. The Couple, The Celebrant, Two Witnesses. The witnesses need to be over 18 years of age. Children are counted as attendees. Social distancing regulations must be adhered to for those who do not live in the same house.

  • Your photographer and/or videographer can be your witnesses. Alternatively, your videographer can set up their video ready to record before you arrive. The best way to do this is for your celebrant to meet the videographer at the ceremony venue to set up, and to have a quick run-through on how to turn the camera on and off.

  • You can have your ceremony spot decorated professionally or by family and friends. This must be done before your arrival and they must leave before the start of the ceremony.



  • Include whatever you want. Your ceremony does not have to be short and sweet, (unless that is exactly what you want)

  • Have you considered wedding ceremony rituals? A little bit of magic and often not without a giggle – Sand Ceremony, Hand Fastening, Wine Box so many to choose from. I can offer you many ritual choices.

  • Exchange rings, the kiss, saying I do, can all be included in your “PARTY OF FIVE WEDDING CEREMONY”. If you choose to have another ceremony and reception, at a later date, once the bans are lifted, naturally you can include all these again to share the moment with your family and friends. It is not odd or crazy, how lucky are you to get to do it twice.

  • Your own personal vows. You can become as creative or as romantic as you want without anyone but me and your witness to hear. It will be a very intimate moment.

  • Music? Absolutely I will have my PA in attendance to play “your song/s”

  • Invite family and friends to watch via live stream. It is quite simple to live stream either via Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. A witness can assist with simply live stream via their phone. Yes, you are allowed to talk to them, and they are welcome to cheer, whistle and clap as you are declared a married couple.

“PARTY OF FIVE WEDDING CEREMONY” and other Wedding Specialist

  • Many florists are still working and understand the rules of social distancing.

  • Hairdressers are still able to work – phew!

  • Venues while not able to hold your reception are able to offer great deals for holding “PARTY OF FIVE WEDDING CEREMONY” on their grounds.

  • Wear “the dress” or not? Very much a personal choice. You get to wear your beautiful gown twice or you can opt for an incredibly special dress for one of the ceremonies if you are holding a second ceremony with family and friends. The thought of two amazing dresses is pretty tempting…

Make the most of the day regardless of the virus and how things had to change. Wear your dress, suit up, get your hair done, and declare your love with all the passion you feel.

Cheers from Kim Tamborine & Gold Coast Celebrant

Let us chat about your “PARTY OF FIVE WEDDING CEREMONY” and how it will be magical.

Kim Burgess Tamborine and Gold Coast Celebrant

Easy Elopements

26th April 2020