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What a difference a week makes

Monday 16th March 2020 at 8:30 am, in front of about 30 family and friends, Kristy and Jamie married. A small intimate wedding. They had flown in from interstate just as the madness had started. We were still good to go.

Nestled under the trees at Tea and Niceties, on beautiful Tamborine Mountain, the sun squeezed its way through the foliage to create lights of halos around the arbor, and Kristy and Jamie.

It was magical, it was a morning filled with love and a real sense of family. A ceremony with the children playing roles and enjoying the moment.

A proud moment for this young lad

Everyone celebrated with a "wedding breakfast". A delicious buffet breakfast - taste and elegance are what Tea and Niceties are known for. From the breakfast, they all headed to Wet n Wild for a family fun day.

Newly Weds

Just over a week later, I performed a very small intimate wedding ceremony, in accordance with the new regulations of only five people in attendance, at Albert River Wines. The magnificent Jacaranda tree sheltered us from the midday sun and offered the comfort of nature. 26th March is a special date for Patrick and Rumi, and it was the day they had planned for more than a year to celebrate their love.

Leading up to this day has been a difficult time for the whole country, the whole world in fact, but when you start to break it down to individuals, everyone has a story. Kylie, the wedding and event manager at Albert River, and her team had a very trying week. Finishing off last week with three big weddings and then to face this week with multitudes of emails and phone calls from distressed couples. The new regulations to help stop the spread of the Corona Virus had put everyone in a tailspin. Kylie and Monique rose to the occasion, as they do every single event they manage, but it did take a toll on their spirits – it had been a very trying week.

With only five allowed at any wedding ceremony and many people being cautious about even attending such a ceremony, Kylie was called upon to be a witness for Patrick and Rumi’s intimate ceremony.

The love they felt for each other was pouring out of their eyes, as they gazed at each other. It may have been a small gathering but there were loud shouts of congratulations as I presented the newlyweds to their two witnesses.

Patrick and Rumi had built a timber box and wrote love letters to each other, during the ceremony, they put a very nice bottle of Albert River Wine, their loves letters, and padlocked the box. To be opened on the first wedding anniversary, which will be the wedding without the legal part a vow renewal, again performed by me, with all their family and friends.

Rumi loves all things Disney and Patrick is a pilot

A lovely ritual to have in a wedding ceremony is the wine box ceremony as paper is traditionally the first-anniversary gift. What could be a better gift of paper than a love letter from your lover?

We had cake, made especially by Rumi for the occasion, and enjoyed a few minutes of friendship and laughter.

As we took our leave, we all (all five of us) were happily saying see you next year!

As Kylie and I walked away she turned and said this has made my day, this wedding ceremony, the feeling of love in the air has lifted my spirits so much. This is why we do what we do. We are in love with love!

"Just Married"

On the 26th March 2021 at Albert River Wines, Patrick and Rumi will have the ceremony they dreamed of, the ceremony they spent a year planning. The family will be able to fly in; Patrick can arrive by helicopter once again there will be love and laughter filling the beautiful chapel garden at Albert River Wines.

We can’t wait!

As I walked away Rumi slipped a small card into my hand that read

“Dear Kim, Thank for your flexibility and support during this time. You just rolled with it and made this so much easier. Thank you for today and we can’t wait to do it all again next year! Rumi and Patrick (Mr. and Mrs. Kreegher!!”)

Piglet asked Poo "how do you spell love?" and Poo replied "You don't - You feel it"

It's not about size, it's about two people in love who want to be married!

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Photos from Patrick and Rumi's wedding are by me as they couldn't get a photographer to attend.

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All Wedding specialist involved with these two weddings are proud members of the Tamborine Mountain Wedding Group